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How Many Penny Black Stamps are There?

The Penny Black stamp isn’t really rare because it was printed so many times over a year.

The uninitiated may be surprised to learn this, but stamp collectors who have some experience already know this so they won’t be surprised.

Around 1.3 million stamps are expected to be left after 286,700 sheets with 68,808,000 stamps were given out. Because envelopes were rare in the 1840s, this 2% survival rate is more than you think.

Consequently, the letter was folded and sealed with wax after writing. The stamp and the address could be found on the back.

Penny Black blocks and strips are hard to find. In London, the British Postal Museum, there are only full sheets of Penny Black stamps known to be there.

Letters with two corners on each side.

There may be stamps from the same plate in different states because of these flaws.

They think there could be more than one “state” for a single corner letter and plate.

The cancellations of Penny Black were a big surprise.

The way the stamps are marked is almost as interesting as the stamp itself for people who collect stamps. Penny Black is a good match for this description with its red ink and “Maltese Cross” postmark (picture below). People in the United Kingdom made their canceling ink, so Penny Blacks with the Maltese Cross in brown, magenta, and orange shades. To people who collect things, these things are very valuable.


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