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The Best Guide to Penny Black Stamps

It’s a well-known name in history. With no doubt in my mind, it is the most well-known stamp globally. It is also every stamp collector’s dream to own one.

This beautiful stamp has a lot of history in the world of stamps and is known for its beautiful etching and timeless simplicity.

God and Penny Black’s group

In the 1830s, mail rates in the United Kingdom were very expensive and hard to figure out. Many people who got mail had to pay for it at the time it arrived, and it was usually based on how much it weighed and how far it went.

Sir Rowland Hill came up with the idea of using an adhesive stamp to show that postage had been paid to make things easier for the Post Office and the people who were using it.

Even though he came up with the idea in 1837, the Penny Black didn’t come out in Great Britain until May 1, 1840, three years later. Even though it wasn’t legal until May 6, it didn’t come out until May 1. This VR 4 margined single is even more beautiful because of the extra text on the side. People from Warwick & Warwick put on an auction in April of that year, and it sold for £5,782. If you want to know more you can always search for the penny black.


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